Talent Shopping Guide — “Crypto Winter” Edition

Rob “Crypto Bobby” Paone
4 min readNov 21, 2019

The holidays are fast approaching and you know what that means? Getting your hiring priorities in line for 2020, obviously!

To help with that, we’ve put together a shopping list of top talent seeking opportunities within the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency industry.

At Proof of Talent, we have a strong, pre-qualified pipeline of incredible individuals interested in full-time roles within the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency industry. This pipeline of talent is eagerly seeking their next opportunity within the industry.

Note: The majority of the job seekers we work with are currently employed, so we take great care in maintaining privacy and anonymity throughout their search.

If your company is hiring, please take a look at some of the talented individuals we’re currently working with below. If you’re interested in interviewing any of these candidates, you’ll find more details at the end of this post on how to get in touch!

Software Engineering Talent

👤 Full-stack Engineer in Boston: Engineer with top CS degree and +2 years of experience in solidity and smart contracts at an established crypto firm.

👤 Protocol Engineer in NYC: Engineer with top CS degree and +2 years of experience with base layer Ethereum protocol development in NYC.

👤 Full-stack Engineer in SF: Engineer with top CS degree and +4 years working in traditional finance and startup environments, primarily focused on JavaScript.

👤 DevOps Engineer in NYC: Engineer with +3 years working in DevOps at a startup (recently acquired by an F500).

👤 Engineer Manager in Boston: Hands-on engineering manager with +20 years of experience and a recent focus in DevOps.

👤 Product Manager in NYC: Full-stack engineer at a top tech company seeking a role in Product Management with a Bitcoin company.

👤 Full-stack Engineer (Remote): Lead full-stack engineer with on-chain cryptocurrency data experience seeking a remote role

Business Development/Operations Talent

👤 Consultant in NYC: Consultant with MBA and+10 years of experience at a Big 4 firm seeking a business biz/ops role.

👤 Software Sales Rep in LA: Software account manager with +3 years experience at a F500 tech company is seeking a sales role with a crypto firm.

👤 Analyst in NYC: Analyst/Operations associate with +5 years experience and business degree from top school seeking an an Analyst/Biz Dev role.

👤 Former Founder in NYC: Crypto Venture Fund founder with +5 years experience and degree from top school seeking a Biz Dev role with a crypto startup.

Legal & Compliance Talent

👤 FinTech Attorney in NYC: Attorney with +5 years experience practicing law at Top 50 firm and direct work with crypto clients seeking an in-house role.

👤 Chief Compliance Officer in DC: Lawyer with +20 years of experience and prior employment at government agency seeking a C-level Legal/Compliance role at a crypto company.

👤 Broker/Dealer Lead in NYC: Compliance lead with licensed experience running a Broker/Dealer seeking a position with a crypto startup in need of B/D leadership support.

Getting in Touch

Is your company interested in speaking with any of these candidates? If so, please feel free to reach out directly to Rob Paone (rob@proofoftalent.co) or fill out our quick contact form on our site.

Proof of Talent is a contingency based recruiting firm, meaning we only charge fees if we’re successful in placing candidates at your company. We’re happy to evaluate whether or not it makes sense to engage in a contingency-based recruiting agreement to fulfill your hiring needs, so reach out to discuss this and any candidates of interest above.

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