Introducing — Proof of Talent

As the industry continues to mature and evolve, so have my ambitions to support it, and today, I have some exciting personal news.

Proof of Talent — A tech recruiting firm native to the blockchain industry

Unique Positioning

For those of you that aren’t familiar with my background prior to crypto, I spent the first years of my career in the recruiting industry — first as a Senior Technical Recruiter at The Select Group, then as Account Executive at LinkedIn, up until my most recent position as Growth Lead at AirSwap. Seeing the ins and outs of the hiring process firsthand, I’m able to fully appreciate the challenges faced by both hiring clients and job candidates.

Just a small sample of what’s to come

Why Recruiting

From personal observation and countless conversations, hiring technical talent is one of the biggest challenges for existing blockchain companies today. The industry’s ambitions of overhauling the global financial system through transparency and fairness are difficult enough as it is, even more so when there is a shortage of talented developers and engineers to help execute on that vision.

The Blockchain Talent Shortage

According to LinkedIn, “Blockchain Developer” is the top emerging job in the United States from their 2018 report, with 33x growth. With that growth, there are only 16,000 professionals in the US with any experience in the subject. Competing for talent in this industry is incredibly difficult, made even more so by rapid turnover and a median job tenure of only 1 year.

Data from Hired’s marketplace reveals that global demand for blockchain engineers is through the roof, at a 517% increase year over year… Blockchain engineering is the most in-demand skill on the Hired marketplace, yet only 12% of survey respondents identified blockchain as the top technology they want to learn about.

The supply of blockchain engineering talent has simply not kept pace with the demand the industry requires, an issue many companies in the space are unfortunately familiar with, creating a shortage of specialized talent necessary to take organizations to the next level.

Working With Us

With this new venture, I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to serve the blockchain and cryptocurrency community by connecting top companies with high quality talent.

If you refer a job candidate or hiring company to our team, we’ll pay you $1,000 in BTC, ETH or USD (fiat?!) after a successful placement.

*Referral bonus is paid after client fee collection. Submit referrals here or via email*



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Rob “Crypto Bobby” Paone

Rob “Crypto Bobby” Paone

Founder @ProofOfTalent, a blockchain recruiting firm. Buffalo chicken wrap connoisseur.